The shop is on a short break, and will be back up end of the week of June 17-21st.

I’m taking a short break to enjoy an adventure with my family. After a super busy spring season, it’s totally time for a little break and refresh! This spring has been amazing, and I thank all of my customers for all of their amazing support. The shop will be up and running soon, and at the end of June/early July check back for a Limited Edition Summer Capsule Collection!!! A few super fun summer items coming!

Hi! I’m Katie, the boss behind ZM. I am a textile designer, coffee addict and momma of 2 beautiful little girls. Zink Made is an apparel line that I create in my studio in London, Ontario. Between raising toddlers (my girls are 1 & 2) and running my business, I love everything style, watching way too many instagram stories and reality tv, and traveling with my family.

Zink Made has evolved over the last few years, and I’m so incredibly excited for the direction it’s headed in. Focusing on local shows and working with other amazing boss babes, has been such an amazing shift for my business, and I LOVE the local community and connections. I am lucky to be a part of some amazing local events, and so love getting to see you all on and off Instagram! I have lots of big things planed for the next little while, and I cannot wait to see where the next year takes me!

Katie Zink, xo

Creator & Designer