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Etsy: Made In Canada, London Show

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Last month I was a part of the first Etsy: Made in Canada show here in London. It was such a great show! The MIC show has been happening for 3 years now, and this is the first time that it's been held in London. My friend Jill and I organized the show, it was such a great success. We had over 30 local makers, and over 2,000 people come check out the show! It was awesome! And we'll for sure be doing more Etsy shows here in London with the Forest City Street Team.


My set up at the show, including new tanks & tees!


Jill and I did a segment on Rogers Daytime to promote the show, including some of our work :)


And the event got published in the London Free Press, with an interview including me and my printing process!

Cosmetic Bags

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I'm super excited about my new collection of Cosmetic bags! I've been working with this size for a little while now, and really love all the uses these bags have, from carrying your makeup to organizing your jewelry to holding on to all the important little things in your purse! These are also available in light grey and a new larger size! Coming to the shop in August! 


New 'Sailor' Design

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This is one of my newest designs! It's a little collection of most of the prints I've been working with lately, as well as some new elements. Its also the first pattern I've made in a really long time that isn't a full repeating pattern. I love working in repeat, but it has been really nice to change it up and do something new too! 



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So a lot of things have happened recently! Including one of my big shows of the year, lots of new design work, the line expanding, and a crazy trip across the world! I'd say the last year has been one of the busiest, most exciting times! 


In the last 12 months, I have :

  • traveled to Europe (Switzerland, Germany & Austria)
  • got engaged!
  • had an amazing summer working in the studio between cottage times and laying by the pool
  • got married! (4 months after getting engaged! It was perfect!) and honeymooned in Jamaica! 
  • spent the fall getting ready for my big Christmas season and my biggest show of the year, the One Of A Kind show in Toronto
  • spent the winter designing quite a few new prints, and producing lots of inventory
  • took a trip back to Europe (France and England this time)
  • spent March hibernating in my studio getting ready for the Spring One Of A Kind show
  • produced a whole bunch of new designs and a ton of work, expanding the line into kids accessories and some new Bridal pieces
  • took the most amazing trip across the world to Australia!!! my husband and I spent just over a month traveling the east coast of Australia (Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns and Melbourne) and a bit of the USA (Hawaii, California and Nevada)

And now I'm back in the studio getting ready for some awesome summer shows! It's been such a whirlwind of a year, with the most amazing life experiences, as well as growing my business. I'm really excited about where my line is headed, with some fun shows coming up this summer and fall, and I'm excited to announce some new partnerships with some awesome Retail locations soon! 

my new skull design!

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So I've got a new print! And I'm loving it. Just before I headed off to Toronto for the One Of A Kind show, I decided to add a new print to my collection. And I'm super happy with the way it came out. I'm feeling like this print is really me, and really my style coming out, and more of the way that I want to be going with my work. I'm now feeling that there are a few more screens in the works! I have always loved high contrast realism in prints, and I love texture, which the splatters give this print. 

I'll have scarves and bags with this print up in the shop early next week!


little bags...

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in with the crazy production of scarves in the studio, i've also been working on lots of bags. I've got these small zippered bags, perfect for makeup or organizing things like notebooks and pens, and I've got the larger studded clutches, great for keys/wallet/cell and some lip gloss. 

new year...

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happy 2014 everyone! i can't believe it's the new year already, 2013 seems to have flow by, especially with the craziness of the holiday season. i can't believe all that happened in 2013, and how much my business grew. i'm so happy, and so excited to see where it can go in 2014!
some highlights from 2013 were:
- One Of A Kind Spring show
- New York Trip
- First time on the London Studio Tour
- Amazing summer holidays
- Fun Toronto business trips
- Halifax Friend Trip
- Expanding my line into more retail locations
- One Of a Kind Christmas show in a big booth
- Amazing craziness of so many holiday orders

I'm so excited for 2014! i'm already lined up to participate in some amazing events and shows, my line is expanding amazingly, and i've got some amazing travel plans scheduled! its gonna be a good year :)